Tinder: Fully Alive

3rd Place – 2021 American Advertising Federation District5 National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) Team. Client sponsor: Tinder

Being on the NSAC team for my school, I was able to gain a new understanding of researching effectively and utilize insights to drive our campaign forward in a creative way. My official roles on the team were: Marketing Strategist, Producer for the Presentation, and Presenter. I channeled my driven personality into being a productive member of the team and worked on several diverse areas of the campaign. I prided myself on being available,involved, and hardworking throughout the entire campaign process. I contributed by doing extensive research on what piques the interest of Gen Z, sending out a survey to more than 50 people in our target audience to obtain a deeper understanding of what current Tinder users think about Tinder and more relevant information applied to the campaign. Being on the marketing team, I was able to be part of the backbone of the campaign. It was an adjustment not working on any of the creative deliverables directly, but our research, channel ideations, timeline, and budgeting were what informed the creative execution and gave our entire campaign direction.